The Marriage Of Politics And Religion

Was Donald Trump a Constitutional Framer and President in a former life?

Did Donald Trump's Soul return to oppose those who have joined together to oppose the tenets of the Constitution? 

Is the Hand of God moving the hearts of Evangelical Christians to support Donald Trump in his endeavor to restore the foundation of self-government and freedom of religion embodied in the Constitution?

Is Donald Trump the catalyst to immerse all the governments worldwide in the Human Exceptionalism that is the framework of the Constitution? 

While many people complain that politics doesn't belong in religion, and religion doesn't belong in politics, these positions are set forth by those who fail to understand the true purpose and meaning of religion, as well as the result of the political choices we make in our lives.   Under the heading of religion and world view it is stated:  A worldview is the set of beliefs about fundamental aspects of Reality that ground and influence all one's perceiving, thinking, knowing, and doing. One's worldview is also referred to as one's philosophy, philosophy of life, mindset, outlook on life, formula for life, ideology, faith, or even religion.  Thus, when the tenets and meaning of religion is truly understood, every person of every persuasion is equally religions and living out their beliefs in accord with their worldview of reality.   In this article we will explore the source of each person's worldview in relation to their own past that has intimately orchestrated their present life -- thereby making each person's own choices responsible for the life they are presently living -- which worldview is in the process of orchestrating their future.  

As the soul who lived as the leader of the first century Jerusalem Church (see Brother Of Jesus at ), and the spiritual voice in the emerging Essene, Ebionite Nazirene Gospel restoration movement, I will present the truth of man's higher reality in the following article that demonstrates the intimate marriage between politics and religion that few people today understand.   In fact, from an Original Gospel perspective as restored at , the choices you make in the next election, will not only orchestrate your future, but these choices will have to be lived out in political and religious environments that would and should strike fear in the hearts of the average voter.   And when the marriage of religion and politics is factually understood, you are not choosing a president -- but you are choosing the type of government under whose domain you will live in your future.  You have probably many times heard the statement that "elections have consequences" -- the reality which the modern person is not in any way prepared to comprehend.     

As the soul who lived as the brother of the historical man Jesus, I interact with seekers worldwide in many groups and forums.  In view of the fact that while not understood, there is an intimate marriage of religion and politics that we acknowledge in these advanced spiritual group -- which provoked the question from one of the members: "why are there so many political posts in this spiritual forum?"  To which I replied: No doubt you recognize that a forum such as this should discuss spiritual subjects in great depth.  And while you are correct, you must also understand that the every-day life you are presently living must be an expression of your spiritual knowledge manifest in the fruit of your life. I will therefore explain this in the below:

From the perspective of the group known as: Essene Ebionite Nazirenes of TheWay:  To understand the presidency of Donald Trump, we must first provide a higher vision of both the Gospels and Religion FIRST.  Why?  There exists an embedded relationship between the Original Gospel Teachings and the U.S. Constitution.  From a spiritual perspective, in the restored Ebionite Nazirene writings presents a unique group where every element and aspect of man's spiritual reality is not only openly discussed in fullness and wholeness that does not exist anywhere else, but there is also an index of all the subject matter presented in the mass of supporting articles that is available for everyone to access and use (see Direct Hyperlinks To Subheadings ).  And in addition to this forum (see ), there is also a Library (see ) of the most important posts that any member can access, going back to about 2002.  What this means is that you, as a member of this forum or someone reading this article, has access to the answers to any spiritual question, equation and meaning, that is available no where else.  Further, the above Master Index Links is in fact what I personally use in all my communications and conversations with people world wide, from all walks of life.  And if someone brings up a subject that is not presently accessed in these links and articles, then I will immediately resolve and answer their reasonable questions.

From the perspective of this forum, among the vast majority of spiritual groups there is what we could constitute a grave misconception about the reality of the life that man is presently living. Contrary to the position of many spiritual groups, your Soul did not enter this life to live the life of a monk in retraction from this world.  Your Soul entered this life, in order to acquire experiential knowledge -- and to acquire this knowledge, you must experience the fullness of life -- whereby, you prove and demonstrate your mental and spiritual maturity by virtue of your own actions in accord with the tests presented to you.  And this reality of interacting with the Natural Laws, is explored at the links, The Laws That Control Our Lives AND The Labyrinth Of The Laws And The Outer Darkness Of Mind And Being .  From this perspective, what this means is that your personal spiritual advancement is directly connected to the choices you make, and where you put your energy.

Contrary to the opinion of many Christians, the Gospels were not written to convey to mankind the worship of the historical man Jesus.  In the Gospel account, the Jews who interpreted the scriptures in the manner of historical accounts, were portrayed as the
"spawn of the devil"  (see Christianity - The Devil's Spawn ) for being the blind guides who throw away the Key of Knowledge, and lead the people in the wrong direction (see The Flawed Foundation Of The Church http://OriginalGospel.Ebionite.comFlawedFoundation ). And from the perspective of the proper use of the Gospels, the rule of the law with respect to applying the scriptures as the Key of Knowledge (see ), is that once a name, a place or an historical account is inserted into the text of the scriptures, it is no longer historical -- but rather, an account of mind and spirit that conveys a reality of your own mind (see Application Of The Key Of Knowledge ). Which means that the Gospels aren't about the man Jesus -- but rather, they are about you connecting and becoming what is personified in the symbol of Jesus. 

What about the miracles?  In in De Principiis the pre-Nicene Church Father Origen explaind that: “Where the word found that things done according to the history could be adapted to these mystical senses, he made use of them concealing from the multitude the deeper meaning; but where in the narrative of the development of super-sensual things, there did not follow the performance of those certain events which were already indicated by the mystical meaning, the scripture interwove in the history the account of some event that did not take place, sometimes what could not have happened; sometimes what could but did not.”   The authors of the scriptures inserted miracles and other supernatural events into the text of the scriptures that could not have taken place in this three-dimensional realm -- and yet, these supernatural events MUST be brought about within your own mind and being, in order to prevail over these same Natural Laws that inhibit them from occurring in this physical world (see Fulfilling the Works and Miracles Of Jesus ). The Gospel account of Jesus said: "let the dead bury the dead" (Luke 9:60) -- and in the reality of these words, it is the people of this world who are correctly being portrayed as the dead.  Which was confirmed in the parable of the prodigal son when the Father said: "This son of mine was dead, but has now come back to life."  And thus, the Resurrection is a portrayal of the Final Stage of Birth whereby you, as the lost prodigal son, is reunited to your Heavenly Father in the Edenic Kingdom of Origination. When the Church answered the allegations of Celsus in the second century as to why Christianity teaches the common people the physical resurrection (see The Christian Secret Doctrine ), while the more spiritual advanced are taught the teachings on the pre-existent Soul that evolves to Wholeness over the course of many lifetimes.   Why was the pagan Celsus able to portray the Christian Church as a "secret system"?  The Church Father Origen who commissioned by the Church to answer the allegations of Celsus that Christianity was a "secret system" where different people were taught differently, and Origen explained the position of the Church that the doctrine of the physical resurrection was taught to the common faith-based believers and “preached in the Churches… for the simpleminded and for the ears of the common crowd who are led on to live better lives by their belief” (Origen; Contra Celsum).  Thus, to attain the Final Resurrection and Birth by intimately embracing the Original Gospel teachings which was corrupted by the Church and have been restored at , you are being presented with the opportunity to escape the death of this world.  But to enter into Life, you must bring about and nurture your full potential as an offspring of God.  And in this respect, the man Jesus is portrayed as becoming the Anointed (Messiah/Christ) by prevailing over these Natural Laws that enslave the dead of this world -- which limit the consciousness of man (see The Ebionite Nazirenes ) -- Natural Laws that test and develop each prodigal son/daughter -- Laws which respond to all the choices you make, in the process of overcoming these Laws in order to achieve the necessary subsequent stages of birth to enter into Higher Life.  And those who have come to understand the reality of these Natural Laws of Creation and their intimate interaction with the choices that each person makes, understands the manner in which these Natural Laws orchestrate our future.  

What this means is that you MUST fully engage every aspect of the life you are living in accord with your highest spiritual ideals, in order to prevail  and pass the tests of life that the Natural Laws set before you -- and you can accomplish this not only by bringing about your own spiritual refinement -- but in conjunction with working to free your brothers and sisters from servitude to the consciousness of this world.  The Gospels freed the Jews from the folly of the blind guides that misguided them into the ditches of this world. And these same Gospels also presented a Universal Framework of Mind that was set into a series of allegorical symbols and catalysts that developed the mind beyond organic human levels of consciousness -- thereby connecting the seeker with their Inner Self and Source of Being (see At-Onement With The Logos/Son Of God ). The Gospels were so important and universal, that they were also corrupted for an equally important reason (see The Importance Of The Corrupted Gospels ), and are now in the process of being restored in order to fulfill that original purpose (see ).

With respect to the membership of the spiritual forum known as the Ebionite Nazirenes of TheWay, many of the members of the forum were there in the first century, and they were also there during the Constitutional Revolution that created a government that provided the necessary foundation for the people to experience greater spiritual growth and development.  Which provokes the question: Why would Spiritually Advanced Souls such as the membership of this spiritual forum, enter life together to create a new form of government?  In order to (1) create an environment where self-government that enabled personal exceptionalism could be achieved; (2) and to create a government that would set an example for the rest of the world to embrace and follow. Why?  In order for mankind to achieve their highest potential.  And anyone who has begun to overcome their spiritual amnesia imposed upon them at birth (see ), and has begun to explore their past lives and the previous governments of mankind, begins to appreciate the foundation of God-Given Unalienable Rights that inhibits the elitists of this world from ruling over the people for their own benefit.

With respect to the question: Why would the group of spiritually advanced souls who are members of this form track the political struggles that is presently going on in the world? Those who have watched the program The Closer on TV, may be familiar with an analogy that was set forth in Part 2 of the episode Serving the King, where Islamic terrorists were attempting to use nuclear weapons to destroy the US which in the (below) analogy is portrayed as the king. And in this analogy Brenda Leigh Johnson explains as to their role:
I remember once hearin' a speech about what it meant to be an officer of the CIA and the man who gave this speech talked about the struggle to control civilization and how we're always fightin' the same fight, and he used the dark ages as an example. And he talked about how on the one side you had the pragmatic king who was greedy and power hungry and basically took advantage of people whenever he could. And on the other side you had the idealistic church forcin' everyone to follow the same rules, believe the same thing, and all that. Neither the king nor the church was ever completely right or wrong, both sides ended up doin' terrible things to get what they wanted, really terrible things. The point of the story was this, that this struggle from the dark ages had been goin' on forever, and the church and the king might take on different philosophies but they would always fight each other, pragmatists and idealists, and at most times, you're better off standin' on the sidelines, lettin' them duke it out. But every once in a while, one side or the other decides it might be better just to blow up the whole world just to get its own way and when that happens you can't stand on the sidelines any more. You have to pick a team. So for tonight anyway, we're servin' the king.

Let me assure you that the above analogy is very true with respect to the plight of man in this, the Far Country, in our present time-frame. And my own personal success throughout the expanse of time over the course of countless lives spanning thousands of years, has been the work of saving the people who can be rescued from the folly of the two warring sides whose primary goal is to rule over the people -- i.e.,
"...The point of the story was this, that this struggle from the dark ages had been goin' on forever, and the church and the king might take on different philosophies but they would always fight each other, pragmatists and idealists, and at most times, you're better off standin' on the sidelines, lettin' them duke it out."  The problem is that due to the violate situation that has been brought about by The Laws in this conflict between the Forces of Light and of darkness, complacency to the side that is attempting to destroy the God-Given Constitutional freedoms and self-government, is a sin of the highest order.  On the basis that the Hand of God directly orchestrated the Natural Laws to bring about a foundation of government that would bestow upon mankind their highest level of personal excellence, then those who oppose such a government, oppose the force of good and Light in the world.  And in this realization of the perpetual conflict between the conflicting forces that attempt to control the lives of the people, it is also true that Donald Trump is not part of either side -- and he is hated by the comrades of the Democrat party, as much as the never-Trumpers of the Republican party. Unique to our time-frame is the fact that the Church has been Constitutionally removed from the force of government by the First Amendment. But the two sides wage war as the Communist/Socialist Democrats vs the idealistic Republicans who in most endeavors only appear to be on the side of the people. Thus, while it is true that Trump is not spiritually refined, he is representative of the original Constitutional principles, personal freedom and liberties, and the necessary self-government that fuel personal individual development and exceptionalism. Which makes him an enemy of the two phases or polarities of the sons of darkness who have used their political power over the people as the Washington swamp-rats.

My own Soul who lived in the first century (see ), re-entered this world in the 18th century and was instrumental in the creation of our Constitutional form of government (see ). In that time-frame of the 18th century, the Soul of Donald Trump was an important moving force in the creation of our Constitutional form of government. And the same Souls who worked to oppose this Constitutional form of government that was brought about and ordained by the Hand of God, are presently at war with the people who work to preserve our form of government. What it amounts to is the war set forth when the inner group of Spiritually Advanced Souls were Essenes -- and as Essenes in the first century, they wrote about those forces of mind and consciousness who they portrayed as the Sons of Light, and the forces and consciousness in opposition to the Light who they portrayed as the sons of darkness -- wherein they acknowledged the universal struggle that has gone on in every generation, and continues into the present.  And it is this universal struggle that is the reason why Jefferson wrote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  And while the monk type religious groups will say that seekers should not get involved in the affairs of this world, those religious groups who understand the Natural Laws that keeps the struggle going from generation to generation, recognize that the quickest way to bring about and achieve spiritual growth and achievement, is to work to free your brothers and sisters from enslavement to the sons of darkness, and guide them in the path of acquiring the necessary self-knowledge and becoming At-One with the Light of their True-Self.  In our modern culture, the common people are being alienated from their own inner Source of Mind and Being, by what can be rightly portrayed as The Mental-Shackles Of Faux-Science And Fallacious-Religion .

The movement of the Natural Laws are best portrayed in the Gospel wisdom in the words:
As you do unto others, the same will be returned back to you. When Jesus warned the man "...sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee" (John 5:14) -- he confirmed the reality that all the calamities of life are caused by man's own actions (see The Three Causes Of Human Blindness ).  Which means that the life that every person is presently living, has bee orchestrated by their own previous actions -- and this is especially true of one's actions towards their brothers and sisters as codified in the words: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (Gal 6:7)?  Or the assertion that “God will give to each person according to what he has done” (Rom 2:6).  And those who understand the Natural Laws, recognize that when you are able to free your brothers and sisters from the prison and shackling forces of this world, your own advancement will be supercharged by these same Natural Laws.  And the Constitutional framers were able to set the higher concepts of self-government, freedom and liberty, and God-Given Rights before the people, only because of the political conflict that was taking place in the time-frame of the 18th century.  But just as important is the reality that the time is right whereby these same souls are presented with the opportunity to elevate the people to a higher plane of spiritual advancement and consciousness.  Never before has the (spiritual) knowledge of the ages been openly set before the world -- available at their fingertips of their own personal computer.  And now is the time for a Spiritual Reformation and Rebirth -- freeing mankind from the abject ignorance imposed upon him throughout his past.

There is an ideological and spiritual war that is being waged against the tenets of the Constitution, by the elitist of the sons of darkness.  They peddle government programs -- not to serve the needs of the people -- but very much to rule over and enslave them.  In the words of the expert, Nikita S. Khrushchev:
"We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism."   Each movement toward socialism, imposes greater restrictions on self-government, which have the direct effect of eliminating the very foundation of the Exceptionalism that has set the nation apart form the rest of the world.  And as sons of darkness that are waging war against the environment of individual freedom and liberty, if you work to preserve the Constitutional Rights embodied in our form of government, then you will invoke the Natural Laws that enables you to prevail over the many tests of life.  And with respect to our many political conversations that often take place in a spiritual forum, in the same way that the Soul of Donald Trump was an important contributory in the creation of this government based upon God-Given Natural Rights, his Soul is presently awakening others to the agenda of the sons of darkness who are waging war against these Rights.

It isn't that Donald Trump is a person of refined spirituality -- because he could never have been elected to the position of president, if he was living a spiritually pure life.  In fact, just the opposite is true -- i.e., he had to use his own funding to be elected, because he never would have been supported by the body of swamp creatures who ruled over Washington D.C. when he threw his name into the presidential ring.  Further, in order to be effective, his Soul had to develop a dynamic personality that enabled him to energize the complacent voters who are oblivious to the war being waged against the Constitution -- people who the elitists portray as the body of despicables.  In order to be neutral and represent the tenets of the original Constitution, Donald Trump had to be an independent businessman who understood the strangling effect of the big government institutions that sought to rob the people of not only their individual God-Given Rights, but also their right to self-government. Why self-government? Because the right to be free from coercion by others -- especially those welding secular power -- is necessary in order for each individual to develop the necessary mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening to prevail over the Natural Laws, and arise to man's highest potential of Being -- as patterned in the example of the Life of the man Jesus. And thus, for Donald Trump to oppose the swamp rats that ran the government, he had to possess the inner strength to prevail over the perpetual attack of the elitists who were incensed over their loss of political power. As an independent business man, the Soul of Donald Trump developed these strengths to oppose the sons of darkness who would oppose him in his attempt to promote the original Constitutional principles.

Everything that Donald Trump has done since becoming president, has supported the tenets of the Constitution -- to a greater degree than virtually any other president in history. Does Donald Trump have flaws? Yes -- and they are numerous.  But if he did not have these human imperfections, he would not be able to fulfill the purpose of why his Soul entered into this present life.  To succeed in the restoration of the tenets of the Constitution, he had to be portrayed by the elitists as the leader of the despicables.  In each of these states, he was voted by both traditional Democrat and Republican voters who had been disenfranchised by the Washington elite.  Therefore, Donald Trump was initially supported and elected by the large body of people who were looked down upon by the Washington and coastal elites. But, the success of Donald Trump has initiated a restoration movement.   Because of his success in restoring Constitutional principles and the free-market economy, many Republican politicians have endeavored to support the presidency of Donald Trump.  Further, he has taught many of the conservative Republicans not only how to fight, but that there was a communist/socialist enemy who was attempting to undermine the Constitution and the tenets of individual self-rule.  And because of Donald Trump, many of these conservative Republicans have ardently opposed the opponents of self-government and the Constitution.  Further, to the absolute frustration of his opponents, because Trump is an advanced Soul, he was able to invoke the Natural Laws, that is the very framework of American Excellence. 

By framework design, the souls who created our Constitutional form of government understood that they were instituting an example of what is required to achieve not only success and personal excellence, but also spiritual success. This high-level of human success cannot be achieved by communism or socialism -- it cannot be achieved by a monarchy or theocracy -- because true spiritual success can only be achieved through self-government and the augmentation of God-Given Unalienable Rights that insulated the people from the dictates of elitist rulers. In the account at Thomas Paine Redux (see ), it is presented that what can be portrayed as the Hand of God upon the hearts of the Constitutional Framers, was carried out by the Spiritually Advanced Souls who carried out the Higher Wisdom and inaugurated a form of government that would breed all aspects of Exceptionalism And this Exceptionalism was necessary not only as an example to the rest of the world, but also as a catalyst to usher in the necessary knowledge and wisdom to manifest higher consciousness. In an article by Walter E. Williams entitled America's Move Toward Tyranny he wrote: "Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis warned, 'The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.' The freedom of individuals from compulsion or coercion never was, and is not now, the normal state of human affairs. The normal state for the ordinary person is tyranny, arbitrary control and abuse mainly by their own government." A government that ordains self-government and individual God-Given Rights that are embedded in the framework of Constitutional Law, inhibits the coercion and control of the people from The normal state for the ordinary person [of] tyranny, arbitrary control and abuse mainly by their own government." And it is this framework of self-government that is necessary for mankind to spiritually advance beyond organic human limitations that inhibit his progress. In this present time-frame, Donald Trump served as the necessary catalyst to activate the other Souls who entered this life to preserve the necessary environment of self-government. Eliminating restricting government regulations -- providing the people with the ability to keep more of their money -- restoring the free marketplace -- setting the example for other politicians to oppose those opposed to the Constitution -- and teaching these Souls how to fight off the coastal and Washington elite who sought to rule over the lives of the people.

With respect to myself, do you think the Soul of the man who wrote: "These are the times that try men's souls," would remain complacent and quiet when the necessary foundation that enables mankind to arise out of the ignorance and muck of this world, is being attacked? While it is true that the Constitution guarantees people the right to reject religion, it is also the catalyst for success among those who embrace the wisdom of the Gospel Teachings. And with respect to many of the members of this spiritual forum, do you think that the Souls of those who also worked to institute a government whereby God-Given Rights are openly acknowledged -- Souls who in many instances shed their own blood to bring this environment about for the benefit of not only the Americans, but the people of all Nations by setting the example of freedom and liberty -- do you think they would in the present complacently permit the sons of darkness to prevail?

When you can live your life in accord with the teachings of the Gospel -- within the framework of the tenets of Constitutional freedom and liberty and God-Given Rights -- then you have used your opportunity of life to free your bothers and sisters from the tyranny of the despotism of the sons of darkness that seeks to enslave them. Thus, in freeing your brothers and sisters, you will find yourself becoming free from the Natural Laws that causes the minds of organic man to be imprisoned by earth-bound consciousness. Each of our Souls chose to enter this life at this present time -- and each of us is being tested. All the despotic governments -- i.e., in more modern times, Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, Castro's Cuba, Chavez's Venezuela that some of those running for president worshiped as the example of a leader, etc. -- have all been empowered by denying the people the right of self-government and God-Given Rights. Communism did not die with the end of the cold war. The disease of big government simply immersed itself in the United States and has waged war against the Constitution. As a business man, Donald Trump has not only recognized the communist wolves in sheep's attire that has infiltrated the United States, but has recognized that it is our own gullible ignorance and moral complacency that has permitted China to seek to fulfill the Communist utopia vision of world-domination by using the free market of the US to imprison us. And the fact that while this reality has been acknowledged by many, only Donald Trump has taken the necessary steps to free the American People from their own self-imposed shackles and imprisonment. The worst human conditions are being imposed upon mankind by both Islamism that is conceived out of the corrupted Qur'an, and the communism of China -- each of whom strive to rule the world with the despotic power of the sons of darkness, Until President Trump, both the Democrats and Republicans have permitted this atrocity of human nature to grow and evolve into a dominating world immoral force where God-Given Rights are negated, because of their own opposition to the tenets and wisdom of the Constitution.

To prevail over the tests of this life, you must consciously work for the greater good your brothers and sisters. Spiritual advancement begins with self-government -- making the proper choices that enables you to prevail over the tests of life -- and to do all you can to provide an environment of Gospel principles for the greater good and advancement of the people. Any force -- whether quasi-religious or secular that in any manner inhibits self-governance, is part of the sons of darkness. Thus, in order to bring about spiritual change and advancement, you must yourself become an instrument of change. And there is no higher expression of the Sons of Light, than the Original Gospel Teachings as restored at .